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Wise food storage review

I was ready to hate this food. In fact I think I wanted it to be bad so I didn’t have to pay to add it to my food storage. (John is cheap)

 No We Were Not Paid By Wise Company To Do This Review!

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Dad and I regularly scout ideas on the internet. We try to find new and interesting ways of doing things. One topic that we found a mixed set of information on was modern long term food storage. The idea of food in a pouch that can last for 20+ years is amazing. There were several articles warning away from Wise Food Company. So doing what we can to break the norm, we contacted them about free samples. They agreed and we gladly accepted free food.


Our goal has long been to take you guys to the next level. So Dad and I decided to examine and eat six entrees and one dessert. We thought this would give the preppers and survivalists the best review possible without actually waiting 25 years to see if they last. Long term food storage shelf life is just one of those hard to test things. We think this Wise Company Food Storage review will get you moving in the right direction with your food storage plans.

 We highly recommend canning your own fruits and veggies


Aside from storing honey my own experience has been limited to grandmas jars of peaches and tomatoes.  Any of you out there with grandparents or parents that regularly can things know how wonderful the results of canning can be. Although we highly recommend canning your own fruits and veggies we also know its hard to carry jars when you are hiking through a forest. So ill just say the obvious, put those jars in your bug-out or bug-in locations. I will admit that canned peaches (or similar) could also provide a decent amount of moisture when eaten. If anyone has any info on this let us know in the comments.


Why did we pick Wise?


Wise received a lot of bad press a few years back, and subsequent reviews beat the proverbial dead horse. So how can a company stay in business with such a bad product? For the FatherSonPreppers community we will do anything, including slice our arms open trying to break a SOG Tactical Tomahawk. So eating some survival food should be easy as pie. Also we really wanted to get into the long term survival food storage products. We think the idea of emergency food storage is worth investing in.


Sneak Peek – Wise Emergency Food Storage review.


Here are our main conclusions for people who don’t want to read or see great pictures.

[POS] – Food Tasted Great

[POS] – Scandal Was Squashed (see official company response below)

[POS] – Packaging Secure

[POS] – New Methods Adopted By Wise (Oxygen Absorbers)

[POS] – Light Weight Emergency Storage

[NEG] – Calorie/Serving Low

[NEG] – Make Sure to Break Freeze Dried Chunks Before Adding Water

[NEG] – Tastes Horrible After Spending a Night in the Fridge (leftover review at the bottom)

EPIC TASTE TEST! We Try 7 Different Meals.


We wanted to go deeper than any survival food storage review seen. So we needed to put the product in our faces. We think you guys will get a lot of value if you are on the fence about the taste or quality of these modern food storage packs. We were blown away. Wise Foods sent us seven entrees

Bring on the FOOD!

DIY Survival Food Storage

Meal #1 Creamy Pasta and Vegetable Rotini with Chicken. Click Here For Prices

This dish was absolutely my favorite. The meal was great. It was a bit soupy but I believe that’s how its supposed to be. The amount of meat was surprisingly high. I figured they would scrimp on the meat, so I was happy. I would be very willing to eat this instead of starving.

Cheesy Lasagna Food Storage Packet Prepping SurvivalMeal #2– Cheesy Lasagna. Click Here For Prices

Both Dad and I loved this meal. It actually made me think I was eating lasagna. Plenty of meat, and the consistency was perfect. This one would be easy to rotate. In fact it might not last 20 years in my house.

Chili Mac Food Storage Packet

Meal #3– Chili Mac with Beef. Click Here For Prices

Tonys favorite. His exact words were “good enough to eat after work”. In fact we were both surprised that it actually tasted like we thought chili mac should. The beans were tasty and the consistency of the overall meal was good and thick. One of the better flavors for sure.

Teriyaki Rice Food Storage Packet

Meal #4– Teriyaki Chicken and Rice. Click Here For Prices

The Teriyaki flavor was excellent! With a teriyaki dish we figured it could go either great or horrible. This meal seemed to really work, we liked that the consistency wasn’t too runny or thick. There was also a hint of other spices that really made us happy. We think you guys will like this one.

Noodles with Beef Wise Company Food Storage Pack

Meal #5– Noodles and Beef in savory Mushroom Sauce. Click Here For Prices

We were blown away to find actual mushrooms. They were pretty good! The meal tasted fine, but overall it was average. Nothing too special but more importantly it wasn’t bad. Lets all remember that as long as its not horrible, it will work. In fact as survival food it will work even if its horrible.

Pasta Alfredo Wise Food Storage Pack Survival Prepping

Meal #6– Pasta Alfredo with Chicken. Click Here For Prices

We had to hate one right? Well up until we ate this one we were sure they would all be good. We did not like this one. Had an extra bland taste and the consistency was too thick. Its possible that we got a packet with minimal spices but we feel that if this one can be avoided it should be.

Apple Cinnamon Cereal Survival Breakfast

Meal #7BREAKFAST ROUND! Apple Cinnamon Cereal (oatmeal). Click Here For Prices

This oatmeal was pretty dang good. Had a decent cinnamon flavor without overdoing it. Dad thought the oats were a bit hard but he admitted that he may have not let them sit long enough. (we like to blame him) This is the only meal to actually pass the leftover challenge. (See Below)

Wise Food Storage company scandal!


When we work on survival gear or product reviews and stories we do our best to really dig deep. In 2012 the main competitor to Wise Food (Mountain House) commissioned an independent study to…… well we aren’t sure what the goal was, but the outcome was too much oxygen in Wises food pouches. A higher level of oxygen inside the pouch is a big no-no for multi-decade longevity.

It may or may not be a surprise to the preppers out there that companies often fight over a “small” customer base. But it seems that there was a large product launch by Mountain House at the time this study was conducted. We asked Wise Foods for an official response and here is what they said.
Thanks for reaching out to us about this! While Wise has always stood behind their products, they did get a lot of attention when this release hit and so took a look at any additional improvements they could make. Since that time, Wise has made an investment to improve the packaging of the pouches that their food comes in and make sure oxygen absorbers are included in every single pouch of food versus a method used previously. As mentioned, Wise continues to stand behind their products even before these improvements were made, but decided to make these additional investments to provide their customers with greater peace of mind. 
As a side note, I find it a little coincidental that Mountain House came out with this release right as it launched its new 25-year shelf-life food pouches when previously they only carried food pouches with a 7-year shelf-life and were convinced until that point that a 7-year shelf-life was the max you could get out of food in a pouch. It makes one question their intent behind the release.
I hope this information is helpful. If I can provide you with any additional information, please let me know.
Verified: Oxygen Absorbers in Each Package of Food.
Of course we made sure each emergency package of food came with its own oxygen absorber.

Packaging Emergency Food Storage Properly is Critical.

While our photographs are of each meal in a nice blue bowl (thanks for breaking out the good china Dad) we actually prepared them in the pouches just as the instructions said. This is important to us because you guys will most likely eat them while out in the hills.

The packaging seems great. We actually had to cut the top off the first one twice, it was sealed too well. The package is resealable, which is a newer feature. Also included in the packaging is an oxygen absorber (see below).
I like the pouch idea and I think coupled with the fact that they usually come in hard plastic pails, these pouches are perfect. Singly they are light and highly portable while as a full supply in a tote they are complete and easy to split for bug-outs or long patrols.

Light Weight Bug Out or Emergency Food Storage


By now you guys (and gals) must know we really liked the food storage pouches. They fill a much needed role in the survival or emergency food area. For instance they are VERY lightweight food storage. So adding them to any mobile situation is a good idea. Bug out bags, hiking packs, and survival kits are all perfect. As we said earlier jars of food should be stored in your locations or cashes to minimize the need to move them. Also the needed equipment to prepare them should already be in your possession. Boiling water should be easy for the prepared survivalist.


One thing I think we could have done better is to see if these things even work with room temperature water. I would like to know if the freeze dried food will rehydrate given more time. If any of you out in the community know of a review that did this or have done it yourself please leave a comment below to let us know! Its important for us to share this stuff!

A Few PRO Tips and the Leftover Review.


TIP: Make sure to break up the chunks before adding your boiling water. This helps the water evenly distribute. You don’t want freeze dried chunks left in your food. (trust us)


TIP: Make sure to stir these things well after adding your water. Otherwise you will have raw or unheated spots.


Survival Food Leftover Review

We had an idea to taste these after letting them sit in a fridge overnight. The food was put into plastic zip-lock baggies and placed in my fridge overnight. Each of the foods tasted horrible. In fact I decided that I would only eat them for this review or as emergency food rations. They tasted like chalk mixed with pudding. The only meal that stood the test of “leftover” was the breakfast oatmeal. It still tasted fresh and cinnamon like. Everything else was thrown out (sorry hoarders).


TIP: Eat each packet and don’t let them sit overnight. Please trust me on this one.

Survival, Camping, Emergency, or Prepping food storage options and what to purchase for each situation. (our take)

Lets just say that the different options for food storage really allow for a lot of indecision and creativity. Most of us sort of know what we are doing when it comes to food storage but we don’t usually make the jump. So here we will give you guys some tips for which of the purchasing options fit best from what we have seen.

Camping or Hiking Food:

The wise food storage packets are pretty good for camping or hiking because they are seriously light weight and taste pretty good.


Camping/Hiking recommendation – Wise Company Outdoor Meal Sampler Kit Click Here For Prices and Reviews
The Outdoor Meal Sampler kit is perfect for short week or two week excursions into the wilderness. They are lightweight packs and when bought in this small of a quantity the prices are low.



 Emergecny Kits, 72 Hour Kits, Car Kits, Bug out Bags and anything else small and mobile:


These kits are usually built to fit in small spaces or they are designed to be light weight and mobile. The freeze dried food storage option is great for two reasons. First the packs are super light and compact. This helps when stuffing them in small voids in car kits or bug out bags. If you have yet to build your bug out bags remember that weight is almost always the primary worry when choosing equipment.
Emergency Kit recommendation – Wise 7-Day Ultimate Emergency Meal Kit Click here for prices and reviews
This bucket is perfect. In our minds we might break this bucket open and split the meals between our car kit, and bug out bags. Of course if you have the room you could keep the bucket in your car. (don’t forget your fire starters and boiling pot)
Emergency Kit recommendation – Wise Company 72 Hour Ultimate Dried Food Kit, Black, 13 x 10 x 9-Inch Click here for prices and reviews
Here is a ready made kit for anyone wishing to stock up their vehicle. Check the dimensions on your trunk or backseat area before you buy.

Survivalist, SHTF, TEOTWAWKI, and Prepper food storage option:

Ok here is the real meat of what Dad and I are about. We want to feel like we have a decent amount of food to keep us past the “mass extinction” phase of any SHTF or TEOTWAWKI situation. We both agree that people will be fighting and killing each other for food. We want to be able to hunker down and hide, or run and hide so that we can avoid as much trouble as we can. So an initial food storage is critical. This means long term high volume storage. It also means food storage that is difficult to rotate. So 20+ year food storage is perfect. Here is the option we think is best.


Ultimate Food Storage Option – Wise Company 720 Serving Package (120-Pounds, 6-Buckets) Click Here for Prices and Reviews
Ok guys and gals, you knew we would go here. You need to get yourself setup with some long term food storage. We like the 6 bucket approach because you can leave them spread out in different cashes or bug out locations. Everyone has unique survival needs and we think this is a great way to stock up one to 6 areas with food. Think long and hard before you decide not to stock up.
700servingwisefoodamazonWe hope you enjoyed this article. We spent a long time writing and formatting to make it a really great resource for you guys. Enjoy and let us know what you think in the comments. And as always please share on facebook if you like!

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