Bug out Bike – The best of the Bug Out Vehicles?

Bug out bike, But out vehicle
Bug out vehicle Bug out Bike

Old School Bug Out Vehicle.

In our second episode of the Father Son Prepper Podcast John promised to write an article on the little known Bug Out Railroad Bike.

When it comes to Bug out Vehicles A bug out bike is a must have. Even if placed on your full size bug out vehicle.

First let me say that I love the idea of a regular bicycle as a bug out vehicle. There are other options and I understand that some of you want an RV or a Truck, but those are short term options. A bicycle could potentially last years and its use when adapted as a rail bike are formidable to say the least.

Some things you can do to make your bike the ultimate bug out vehicle.

  • Get puncture proof or solid rubber tires.
  • Get an extra set of tires, or better yet store (cash)  a few bikes in your area.
  • Store them on your other Bug out Vehicles.
  • Build saddle bags on them for storage.
  • Pack all the gears and brake lines in grease so that they are stored well.
  • Pick one bike and ride it to your bug out locations.
  • Get your family set up with their own bug out vehicles.

Rail Bike. Possibly the coolest and most useful bug out vehicle

Get out your spandex and chai tea. We think you preppers are going to love this obscure hobby.  The official name is RailBiking. The photo at the top of the post was found on a neat site called RailRiders. This guy sells Full motorized vehicles as well as castors made for custom rail vehicles. His vehicles are not really bikes, however they are very cool. In our opinion this may be the ideal Bug Out–SHTF–TEOTWAWKI vehicle. He is also a United States Military Veteran! Drop us an email if you want us to help you order one. (We aren’t being paid to help or to recommend this)

Bug out vehicle Bug out Bike

I did some of the research for you guys and I found a book on the hobby. Its called RailBike: Cycling on Abandoned Railroads. (not an affiliate link) It doesn’t have many reviews so I can’t vouch for its awesomeness however its almost the only one!


One last thing is that I wanted to put a link to a Railbiking website list. There is an annoying popup ad, but the content is good. RailBike Site List.

Drop us an Email any of you want more information, we may be able to get an interview on the show. John@FatherSonPreppers.com