Preppers, Is your SHTF base ready? Check your soil and find out!

Many preppers don’t prep only for their own good, but for the good of their family. If any of you reading this are like me you have a large family. One of the main ways to provide sustainable food for you and your family is to grow it. I wanted to share a story about a major prepping failure I had a year or so ago and a possible solution.


I was just starting my journey into prepperdom and I really wanted to try to harvest seeds. My idea was to grow a medium sized garden 15×40 Ft. with heirloom seeds. I bought my seeds through a website called High Mowing Seeds. I loved the prices and I loved the way they had a huge variety to choose from. (No they are not paying me to say this) I tilled my land and built a fence to keep out my three curious dogs. I even put a pump down in a bucket in the river to get raw water. (Shh don’t tell the government) My seeds came and I planted them. Several varieties of tomatoes, watermelons, lettuce, peppers, and cucumbers. I waited and watered.

Several weeks and months later I had small sprouts and I was excited! These little guys were my salvation, not only would I save on buying veggies but I would be able to harvest seeds forever. A few more weeks and I started to worry, even a few more and my malnourished plants were fruiting the smallest and most disturbing fruits I have ever seen. Initially I thought that maybe these plants weren’t able to grow in my climate, which at that time was a high desert canyon bottom. Think high juniper and sage areas with a river cut canyon. But I had purchased so many varieties which had growing areas from Maine to the deserts in the Middle East. How could it be possible?

I was new to the area at the time and decided to ask my neighbors for clues. Every single one of them laughed at me for not bringing in some extra soil. Apparently the soil in our area was only good for growing a few weeds. Their solution was to drive a few hours into the mountains and get a truckload of dirt.

I understand that most of you won’t have this problem but imagine how horrible it would be to bug-out to your selected SHTF defensible location only to find that it just won’t grow plants? I want all the preppers reading this to buy up some seeds this fall/winter and hit the dirt in the spring. Get your plants planting and find out if the area will grow what you and your family need to survive. If you are impatient and want something to do now get on the Colorado state university soil testing site. They do soil testing for around $40.00.


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