Prepper Basics: SHTF and why we prepare for it.

Imagine standing alone in the forest. Night is well on its way and you are equipped with nice slacks, an iPhone, and a briefcase.

This is a fair outlook on the state of most Americans if anything were to happen to our electrical grid or fuel chain. In fact the situation would be worse because the stranded guy in our example would be very near many other stranded people who will get more hungry and more crazy each day.

For myself and for most preppers we choose to prepare for three reasons.

  • The Will to Live (WTL)

  • Duty to Family

  • Duty as a CitizenFrog Never Give Up Frog

Will to Live

As you continue to read the posts on this site you will notice that I talk a lot about the Will to Live (WTL). Although WTL is not my idea I subscribe to it heavily. My life is important to me, and I choose to fight for it. In a SHTF situation people will turn violent, life will become a struggle instead of a day to day routine. Through these hard times only a strong will to live is going to keep you from giving up and ending your own life. I believe that most people think they have a will to live, and of course they have the base instinct to survive, but they don’t have a burning desire for it. When SHTF I believe a lot of the population will commit suicide to save themselves from the horror. Many of you will have a strong mental desire to live in order to protect your family (next topic) and this will get you far but each of us must try to mentally prepare for the true sadness of survival in dark times.

Duty to Familyfamily

As stated above my WTL is based partially on my duty to family. I choose to be ready for SHTF and to be able to feed and protect my wife and my dogs. (Oh yeah I’m a dog fan) The duty I have to my family also consists of keeping my head straight when things are going crazy. Many people will die if they lose their calm when SHTF. I encourage all family heads to think about their position and responsibility to their family. Today is the best day to start training your family to head into the wild and survive. Of course you may have to disguise it as camping, and “oops I forgot the matches” will help get them thinking outside the box. This kind of activity will do two things, get your family more comfortable in a quiet natural environment and bring them closer together.

Duty as a Citizen

Lastly there is a position each of us must take on our country. I can’t tell you what to believe. I believe that each of us as citizens has a DUTY to be a strong, intelligent, and prepared member of society. We must base our voting and spending on what’s best for America. Many of you may disagree but I still love this country. The ten or so countries I visited while in the United States Navy were good and bad, but they all made me miss my home. Is our country in trouble? YES, but I swore and oath to protect her, and I will do my best.


Enjoy the rest of the prepping articles, over the next few years we are going to attempt to build one of the most informative prepper websites on the internet. Both my dad and I hope each and every one of you will keep prepping and checking our site for more information.

John Colorado 9/17/14 (birthday post)


If you guys agree or disagree please leave a comment below.  I moderate the comments to keep spam out, I won’t block you for disagreeing with me so please post.

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