4 reasons why the government keeps tabs on conservative preppers.

Government Is watching you PReppers

Here are four reasons why we think the government is watching us. And a final note on what to do about it. (see below)


Conservative Preppers are more independent minded than the average liberal.


It’s true that many preppers work in groups (see below), however as most of you know we preppers are a stubborn people. We want to find the answer ourselves. For instance Dad and I were recently trying to pick a tomahawk for his bug-out-bag so we ordered one and did a big review to help people like us. Check it out SOG Tactical tomahawk.

We are actively looking for ways to improve our situation, and this liberal heavy-spending government doesn’t like it. They want us to bow down and ask for permission to eat.

I could go on for hours on this topic… but I wont.

Preppers are more able (and willing) to defend against a hostile government.


I would say that most preppers love their country. I would also say that most preppers aren’t going to stand by while their government steps on their personal rights. This is a heated topic and I can just hear my dad fuming about it now. This is clearly one of the main reasons we as preppers have to be careful about what we say and do in the digital age.

On a side note there are a few other groups that the FatherSonPreppers belong to which are also regularly watched. This includes Military Veterans (me), members of pro-gun organizations, local and national Tea-Party groups, and the list goes on.

Most conservative preppers have at least a small support group.


These groups are made mostly of family and close friends. For anyone who has been in a tough spot you know how handy a support group can be, or the opposite for those who have no support.

It’s a bit harder for the government to make people dissapear when there are 5,10, or 20+ people that regularly interact with them. This may sound a bit far to the right for most people but its safe to say the government is paying close attention.

Conservative preppers are against big government. They actively seek to minimize government involvement in their lives.


Its no secret, we are tired of the handouts. Tired of our hard work being taxed and given directly to people who don’t think they need to be a productive part of society. I for one actively attempt to lessen the governments hold on my money and my life. I know there are many people reading this who agree. We are a threat to the current liberal system. Strong citizens tend to make their own choices and speak up when a mismanaged government tries to mismanage the people.

What can we do?


This is by far the most difficult question facing conservatives at the moment. Conservatism seems like an up hill battle.

I will tell you what to do.


Make yourself the strongest citizen you can. Be prepared for disaster, famine, and hostile government actions. Learn to survive where no one else can, and desire to survive when it seems like no one can.

My heart is with all of you.


Let me know what you guys think in the comments.


  1. lg

    Besides all you are doing, please read as much as can …..http://www.locut ions.org/

  2. David: San Antonio

    I think we could add, to the list…that they know most, if not all, conservative preppers…”are on to them” and are not afraid to tell the truth about “them”…and that we see thru the spin they present. Add to that…most conservative preppers tend to love their Country and the Constitution…love of Country…not so much our current “government”.

    1. JohnJohn (Post author)

      David I agree that there are layers of power some of which are negatively influencing the country. Its hard for me to say government because its such a large whale of a structure. Some parts are messed up for sure.

  3. Doug Lass

    I have to admit that I’m a little suspicious about some conservative preppers as to what they might do when push comes to shove. I agree with many of the views of prepping, but it seems to me that some of these conservative preppers would actually retreat to a site where they can control everything like who can be a member, what that person can say and do and where they can go and when they can go someplace without the leaders permission. That seems to me like the liberal government that you are so afraid of.

    1. JohnJohn (Post author)

      Lot of anger there bud.

      Given the large number of preppers and the “lord of the flies” nature of humans I think we can safely say that you might be right. There will be some preppers who take advantage of their community. The stronger the citizen the less likely they are to be taken advantage of.

  4. Bernie

    If you notice the history of each Presidential Administration. Each President has enacted laws that chip away at our freedoms. The Obama Administration is the most guilty and most dangerous. Trying and succeeding at usurping the Constitution and butting his nose into big business, the states, and the little guy. Maybe he see’s himself as a do-gooder. Only problem is that he does good and we wind up paying for it.

    Just to comment on David’s post. We do love our country and it’s constitution. Especially doing what’s right. Ever hear of the Muslim Brotherhood I think the President is part of it because he is sure trying to ruin this great country!

    1. JohnJohn (Post author)

      Bernie thanks for the comment. I have begun to wonder if the excessive lawmaking is like a cancer. Something that ancient Rome did in order to keep an ever expanding empire intact. Are we in an empire that will slowly choke from excessive lawmaking and the growing executive branch that must enforce each new law? I believe we are.

      Again thanks for the comment.

    2. JohnF

      Everybody wants to blame it on Obama – But he has help from the other 535 Members of Congress & the Senate.

      Just like they went along with the Bush/Cheney Crime Team.

      Its called COG (Continuity of Government) That is what we have been under since 911.

      No Laws & No Rules For Management – Do Whatever It Takes To Survive.


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