Prepper Thoughts: Gold Silver and Gin

image of silver dollar for bartering after shtf
The idea of buying and holding precious metal is a popular one among preppers. Dad and I disagree on the topic.(His views in video below) I wanted to share some of my views and get some of the readers’ opinions. So please leave a comment letting us know what you think. (Also share on Facebook! it gets the word out)

Barter after SHTF

Let me give you the one reason my dad likes the idea: barter. He thinks that after the collapse silver will be a useful bartering tool. The idea being that silver or gold will still hold value when there is no government or currency.
In my opinion holding silver or gold is a bad bartering tool.

There wont be much bartering in the first place.

Reason #1
There wont be much bartering in the first place. Many preppers believe in the “goodness” of neighbors or like-minded groups. This goes out the door when their 3 year old daughter is starving to death. From what I have learned and what I think will happen, any human contact will be dangerous after a collapse.  I just can’t see people working together well without a huge motivator. And by motivator I mean control, with brute force or some way to provide a constant source of food.

In basic survival gold and silver are nearly useless.

Reason #2
Granted I have read that silver has some sort of antiseptic property, I would feel better using more natural methods. Gold and silver only become useful when some sort of law-of-the-land has been established and the establishment says they accept gold and silver as payment of all debts. I wont be holding much hope of this after a collapse until another country or entity has taken control.
So lets assume that I’m wrong and gold or silver is traded freely for goods among scattered families and solo survivalists. This means that they are going to be willing to give goods or information for gold or silver. Why not just make it your business to have the information and skills needed to trade? Or simply store items that most people will want but not be able to get a year after the collapse. Cigarettes, alcohol, and prescriptions are all amazing things to store. I think the idea that people will trade surplus food for smokes or alcohol is a fair one. So instead of some gold coins or silver bullion, grab a few bottles of Gin!
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Bonus video: Dad talks about his views on bartering in his “Tony Talks” series. Check it out below!


  1. John Mosher

    Hey John, I agree with your dad, there will be some trading, even in a SHTF situation…

    Once you have your situation under stable control, that’s when you start branching out for trade…

    I’ll tell your dad, what my dad’s idea was, the next time I see him….

  2. Andrew Mason

    The idea that silver has antiseptic properties (colloidal silver) is false, studies have shown that taking silver internally actually has averse effects.


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